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Sunday 9/22/19EMOM 10 min:1 min: 10 Situps + Max reps hollow rocks1 min: 20 Barbell good mornings or hip extension+Every 8 minx440/30 Cal row30 Back...
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Bar mu

Friday 9/20/19 In teams of 2:Against a 25 min clock:20 alternating rounds (10 each)15/12 CaloriesDuring your “rest” break complete a max set of unbroken bar...
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Thursday 9/19/195 rounds:10 DB bench press10 DB single arm row (10L/10R)+5 rounds for total burpee box jumps1 min: 15 KB swings (53/35) + Max reps...
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Static holds

Monday 9/16/192x10 Snow angels 10 Band aparts 10 Supine grip band aparts1 min bar hang+For 15 min:Accumulate as many seconds possible of the following exercisesChin...
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Sunday 9/15/19 W/partner:Alt rounds for 7 min:10 Overhead squats w/pvc20 Double unders*Try to move hands closer together each round+Overhead squat7×3*Increase over each set for a...
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