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Chuck heavy

Saturday 7/20/19 “Chuck heavy”For time:Row 1000m100 PushupsRun 1 mile100 Thrusters (45/33)Row 1000m This just in. Exercise is good for you! You can never have too...
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Odd objects

Thursday 7/18/185 rounds:20 DB/KB deadlifts (70/50)100 Foot sandbag carry (150/100) 20 v-upsRest 1-2 min between rounds+For time:Run 800m6-5-4-3-2-1Devils press (70/50)DB front squat (70/50)Run 800m Danville...
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Chase the pump

Monday 7/15/19 3x20 band aparts20 around the world10 arnold press+Bench pressBent over row4×8+ARMRAP 15 min:3-6-9-12-15….DB power clean (50/35)DB push press (50/35)DB pushups Danville 60 3x20...
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Party time!

Saturday 7/13/19 Waterfall style each member must complete15/10 Cals assault bike7 Devils press (50/35)into (As soon as first person completes bike and DB they may...
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