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Pay the man

Monday 3/18/19W/partnerAMRAP 6 min:Alternate rounds:10 Medball thrusters10 Band aparts+Thruster5×5*Increase over each set of thrusters+AMRAP 15 min:21-18-15-12-9-6-3DB thruster (50/35)7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Weighted pullup (50/35)In remainder of time Max...
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Saturday 3/16/19 “Badger”3 rounds for time:30 Squat cleans (95/65)30 PullupsRun 800m Danville 60“Helton”3 rounds:30 DB squat cleans30 BurpeesRun 800m CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR...
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Thursday 3/14/19 3x15 Banded good mornings20 Russian KB swings+Deadlift4×8+For time:AMRAP 15 min:40 Double unders20 Air squars10 DB deadlifts (70/50) Danville 60 Deadlift 4×10+AMRAP 15 min:20...
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Strict press

Wednesday 3/13/19 EMOM 6 min:1 min: 6 Kang squat1 min: 15 Air squats+Back squat4×8+Against a 15 min clock:5 rounds:20/15 Calories20 Strict press (75/55)Max reps Muscle...
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Saturday 3/9/19 “Jason”For time:100 Air squats5 Muscle ups75 Air squats10 Muscle ups50 Air squats15 Muscle ups25 Air squats20 Muscle ups Danville 60 100 Air squats5...
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Wednesday 3/6/19 EMOM 6min:10 KB taters+Front squat4×8 +5 rounds for time:12 Pullups9 Hang power cleans (155/105)6 Front squats (155/105)3 Push jerks (155/105) Danville 60 Front...
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