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Saturday 1/20/19 “Rene”7 rounds for time:Run 400m 21 Walking lunges15 Pullups9 Burpees*Wear a 20/14# vest Danville 60 7 rounds:Run 400m21 Lunges30 Renegade rows9 Burpees Who’s...
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10 rounds?

Friday 1/18/19W/a partner:AMRAP 10 min:Alternate every 2 turkish getups*Go as heavy as possible+In teams of 2:AMRAP 20 min:20 Toes to bar20 Double KB thrusters (53/35)...
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Thursday 1/17/19 W/a partner:AMRAP 6 min:10 Medball clean10 Medball push jerks+Establish a max for the following complex5 Deadlifts4 Hang Power cleans3 Push jerks*Complex must be...
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Strict press

Tuesday 1/15/19 W/a partner: AMRAP 6 min:Alternate full rounds10 Barbell press10 Band aparts+EMOM 10 min:5 Strict press+EMOM 20 min for max calories1 min: 12 Burpees...
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Respect the dumbbell

Friday 1/11/19 In teams of 2:For time:100/80 Calories100 DB thrusters (50/35)150/120 Calories100 Devils press (50/35)100/80 Calories Danville 60 100/80 Calories100 DB thrusters150/120 Calories100 Devils press100/80...
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