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Sunday 3/8/20 Front rack lunge5×10+“Mary”AMRAP 20 min:5 Handstand pusups10 Alternating pistols15 Pullups Danville 60 Back rack lunge5×10+AMRAP 20 min:10 DB press10 Goblet squats15 DB hang...
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Saturday 3/7/20 ”Speedy”In teams of 2:Max calorie row in 40 min:Every 2 min including 0:00 complete 8 Wallballs8 Deadlifts (95/65)8 Power cleans (95/65)8 Shoulder to...
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Sick pump

Thursday 4/5/20 Bench pressComplete 100 reps @ 155/105 in as few sets as possible*Every break complete 10 DB bench over rows on each arm+“Slug fest”AMRAP...
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Sunday 3/1/20 EMOM 16 min:1 min: 1-10 Strict handstand pushups1 min: 1-10 Strict pullups*If 10 is east for each movement, add a weight vest+“Nancy”5 rounds...
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Leap day

Saturday 2/29/20 “Billy Clardy III”In teams of 3:AMRAP 48 min:A. Run 400mB. 12 Overhead lunge 6 Burpees to plate 19 Plate ground to overhead (45/25)C....
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Wednesday 2/26/20 “Annie”50-40-30-20-10Double undersSitups+Deadlift5×5*Standing on 45# plate+W/partner12 min:MAx reps sandbag cleans (150/100)1 partner works on sandbags. The other completes 15 burpees. Switch once burpees are...
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