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Weaknesses don’t become strengths on accident


Weaknesses don’t become strengths on accident

Big ups to Cari for doing the first 33 thrusters and then trying her ass off to get her first chest to bar in the reminder of the 20 min! Great attitude!! Awesome job in the open Cari!

Tuesday 3/26/19

Against a 30 min clock:
Complete 5 rounds for total reps
Max reps DB bench press (70/50% BW)
Max reps Pullups
MAX EFFORT 25/20 Cal row or ski erg(1 min cap)
*If you finish calories under 1 min you get a 40 rep bonus for that round. If you don’t you then you get however calories you complete in 1 min. RX+ if you get 30/25 in under a min you get 50 bonus reps for that round

Danville 60

30 min to complete
5 rounds:
15 DB bench
15 Ring rows
Max effort 25/20 Cal row

6 days left to vote for best of the east bay! Lets see if we can win for the 3rd time! Use every email and ip address you have! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

The open is over. Congrats you made it….those of you that actually signed up and did all the workouts….Get one last day of leaderboarding in and shut it down. Quick turn around this year, next open starts in October. Training starts tomorrow. Yearly motivational/quilt trip post about working on your weaknesses will be up tomorrow!

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