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Congrats Dr. Koo!

Monday 6/17/19 W/partnerAMRAP 6 min:Alternate every 6 KB windmills (3L/3R)+Bench press10-8-6-4-2 *Increase in load each set**Perform 20 Situps of your choosing after each set+For time:50...
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Happy fathers day!

Sunday 6/16/19 Deadlift4×10*Choose a heavy weight for all 4 sets+For time:50-40-30-20-10Goblet squat (53/35)25-20-15-10-5Burpee pullups Danville 60 DB deadlift4×10+50-40-30-20-10Goblet squat25-20-15-10-15 Burpee over KB Our 6/1 year...
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Partner Nate

Saturday 6/15/19 EMOM 20 min:1 min: 12/8 Calories + Max reps Wallballs (20/14)1 min: Rest +“Partner Nate”AMRAP 20 min:Alternate full rounds:2 Muscle ups4 Handstand pushups...
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Hang clean

Thursday 6/13/19 Hang squat clean*Work to a heavy set of 3+For time25 Burpee box jump50/35 Calories75 Wallballs (20/14)50/35 Calories25 Burpee box jump Danville 60 DB...
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Tuesday 6/11/19 Alternating arm DB bench Single arm bent over row5×10 reps each arm+For time:Run 800m100 KB snatch (53/35)Run 800m Danville 60 Alt arm DB...
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Good job guys!

Sunday 6/9/19 W/partner:AMRAP 5 min:Alternate every 10 Goblet squats*Change food placement every set+Front squat7×3*Pick something heavy and do it for all 10 sets+For time:27-21-15-9Hang squat...
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