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Sunay 10/20/19W/ partner AMRAP Alternate rounds for 15 min:15/10 Cal row5 Burpees over rower+“20.2”AMRAP 20 min:4 DB thrusters (50/35)6 Toes to bar24 Double unders*If needed...
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Friday 10/18/19 In teams of 2:For time:100/80 Calories echo bike50 Burpee box jumps (24/20)50 Devils press (50/35)@20 min50 Devils press (50/35)50 Burpee box jumps (24/20)100/80...
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Thursday 10/17/19W/parnterAlternate full rounds for 6 min:20 Alt leg V-up20 Second Arch hold+5 rounds:10 DB deadlifts (Standing on 45# plate)directly into 25 good mornings or...
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Sub 2 hour marathon!

Wednesday 10/16/19W/partnerAMRAP 6 min:Alternate full rounds:5 barbell front squats5 barbell thrusters5 barbell strict press+EMOM 10 min10 unbroken thrusters (95/64)+Against a 15 min:50-40-30Wallballs (20/14)Alt arm DB...
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Booty gainz

Monday 10/14/19 Single leg deadlift 2×10 each legGood morning2×20+Back rack lunge4×8*Heavier than last week in the front rack+For time:20 DB Front rack lunge (50/35)30 Toes...
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Sunday 10/13/19 EMOM 10 min:5 Power snatch*Pick a loaf that allows good technique for all reps+20.110 rounds for time:8 Ground to overhead (95/65)10 Bar facing...
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Sign up for a heat

Saturday 10/12/19 “Danny Dietz”For time:Run 1 mile26 Power cleans (185/135)80 PushupsRun 800m28 Front squats (185/135)50 Pullups Danville 60Run 1 mile26 DB power cleans80 PushupsRun 800m28...
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