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Funner stuff


Funner stuff

Wednesday 3/27/19

Fun sled things and funner stuff

The open is over. You now have a list of things that crushed you in every workout that you need to improve Not just to get higher on the leaderboard, but increase your overall fitness. The goal of CrossFit as a program…..

Here’s the list of what crushed you incase you forgot already. Rowing capacity, toes to bar, shoulder endurance/strength, handstand pushups, burpees, bar muscle ups, chest to bar pullups.

Just because you can’t do them or aren’t very good at one of those movements doesn’t mean that you should avoid them at all costs or sub them out of easier movements. Practice what you suck at, it doesn’t take a ton of extra coaching, or you tube videos, or new gear. Just spend a couple minutes after every class and do some reps. Do that every day and I bet you a cool prize that you will get better. Every day, not just every day for a week, like every day every day. Its not rocket science you have to want to do it. So just go do it.

Buttery bros at 19.5

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