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The Ace of spades!


The Ace of spades!

Hopefully you don’t get 10 face cards in a row

Tuesday 10/16/18

In teams of 3:
Complete the deck of cards
A. Calories
B. DB Power cleans (50/35)
C. Pushups
*Pull a card. Whatever the card reads do that many reps of whatever exercise you are on. For example if you pull a 4 of hearts everyone does 4 reps at their station. Everyone rotates up a station and pull another card. If the next one is a 10 of spades everyone does 10 reps at their station. Continue this pattern until finished. Face cards and aces = 15. Suits of the card don’t matter for today.

General fitness
AMRAP 30 min:
Complete as many cards possible
DB power cleans
Pull a card, do that many calories, move to next station. Pull a card and do that man power cleans. So on and so on

Barbells for boobs is this Saturday! Sign up for a heat and raise some money.  There will be no classes on Saturday do to barbells for boobs. So if you would like to workout please sign up for a heat!

Shirts and hats should be in any day. Please get your money in if you haven’t done so

CrossFit is cool 

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