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Wednesday 7/11/18
W/a partner:
Alternate 5 full rounds each:
10 Walballs
10 Plate ground to overhead
Push press
*start at a heavy weight and increase each set
AMRAP 16 min:
15/10 Calories
10 DB clean and jerk (50/35)(each hand)
10 Burpee pullups

General fitness

DB alternating arm DB press
3×20 (10L/10R)
AMRAP 16 min:
15/10 Calories
10 Db clean and jerks
10 Burpee bar touch

Dont forget. Starting today (Wednesday) we will now be offering 8:30am class. It will be the same WOD as the rest of the day. Also, please let me know if there is any interest in making lifting class into a regular class in the 6:30 pm time slot, twice a week.

I gave up AC this summer to live live within my means

Man team stuff looks so fun…. 

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