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Joes last class and Happy birthday!


Joes last class and Happy birthday!

Last class as a coach. Your coaching skills will be missed!

Happy birthday to the worlds most “life long” Patriots fan!

Monday 6/25/18
6 Bar muscle ups
25 KB snatch (53/35)
84 Double unders
AMRAP 34 min:
6 Rope climbs
25 Burpee box jump overs (24/20)
84 Double unders

General fitness

AMRAP 34 min:
6 Devils press
25 Burpees
84 Plate jumps

Tonight will be Joe’s last class coaching. If you can make it, come in and give him a proper send off! Last chance to ask what a thruster is!

CJ is out of town so gymnastics is cancelled. He will give a game plan to the regulars.

Coffee protects your heart? 

BB breaking it down

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