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How many reps you got?


How many reps you got?

Correct response from a max effort row

Wednesday 9/5/18

Every 6 min x 5
Max reps bench press (BW/.7 BW)
Max reps toes to bar
Max effort 25/20 Cal row or ski sprint
*Add all reps together for a large total. Every time you finish the calories under 1 min you get a bonus 20 reps. So if you finish all 5 rounds of calories under 1 min each that’s 100 additional reps added to your total

General fitness

Every 6 minx5:
Max reps bench press
Max reps see the light sit-ups in 1 min
Max effort 25/20 Cal row

Dubai CrossFit Championship, first sanctioned event 

A Lynne inspired WOD on tap for today. Here’s an OG Lynne

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