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Don’t ring the bell


Don’t ring the bell

By your powers combined I become CAPTAIN PLANET!

Wednesday 1/17/18

EMOM 21 min:
1 min: 15/10 Calories Assault bike or ski erg
1 min: 4 Squat cleans (185/135)
1 min: 14 Alt arm DB snatch (50/35)
As soon as the 21st min is over complete 3 rounds for time. So thats 10 total rounds, 7 as an emom and 3 for time. See if you can go fast than emom at the end!
*Plan B is max reps completed in 40 seconds

General fitness

AMRAP 30 min:
Run 200m
14 DB squat cleans
14 Alt arm DB snatch

Don’t ring the bell

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