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All the snatches


All the snatches

Shoulder into your ear.Pull yourself into the squat

Sunday 1/14/18

EMOM 16 min:
1 min: 5 Chest to bar pullup + 5 Toes to bar
1 min: 3 Squat snatch
*choose a weight that is challenging or try to increase each round. For the first min pick a # of C2B and T2B that can be done unbroken
EMOM 15 min:
8 DB hang squat snatch (4L/4R)(50/35)
7 Burpees
*Both movements on the same minute
**Plan B is max burpees in 45 seconds

General fitness

EMOM 16 min:
1 min: 5 V-ups+10 Situps
1 min: 5 Double DB ground to overhead
AMRAP 15 min:
10 DB hang power snatch (5L/5R)
7 Burpees

Running the numbers 

Lonely no longer 

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