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Week 1 done….almost


Week 1 done….almost

1912464_751937098150484_375348699_nShout out to Art for signing up for the open and get his first ever double under and then getting 2 more! Bad ass!

Monday 3/3/14

Alternating min for 8 min:
1 min: 12 goblet squats
1 min: Inch worm
Front squat
Work up to a heavy double
2@95 2 @90%
For time:
Kettlebell swing (70/53)
Box jump (24/20)
Toes to bar
*20 min limit

I know theres 1 day left but congrats to everyone who has finished 14.1! Hopefully everyone had fun orrrr be glad you got the double unders out of the way first. Dont forget that you have to submit your scored BY 5PM MONDAY, and most of all DONT LET THE LEADER BOARD RUN YOUR LIFE!!

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I wonder what his score on 14.1 would have been

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