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We landed on the moon!!!


We landed on the moon!!!


Just think of the possibilities

Friday 7/8/16

Back squat
In teams of 2:
4 rounds for time:
20/15 cal Row or assault bike or ski or 200m run
10 Ground to overhead (95/65)
20/15 cal row or assault bike or ski or 200m run
5 Burpee box jumps (30/24)

Partner A does 20/15 calories while B is doing 10 power snatches. When they both are finished B now does 20/15 calories and A does 10 power snatches. When they both finish A does 20/15 again and B does 5 burppe box jump, when they are both finished switch again. Thats 1 round. Pick one piece of cardayo equipment and use it for the whole workout

WOD #3 for dog days of summer
For time:
Run 1 mile with 53/35 KB (each partner)
100 Double unders (each partner does 100 at same time)
100 Double KB clean and jerk (53/35)each hand
*20 min time cap

For time:
Run 1 mile with 53/35 KB (each partner)
50 Double unders (each partner does 50 at same time)
100 Single arm KB ground to overhead (53/35)
*20 min cap

Both parnters run at same time. Both partners carry a KB. If a kettlebell is put down while running both partners must stop until it is picked back up. Upon returning both partners complete 100 double unders at the same time. You cannon start on the clean and jerks until both partners are finished with double unders. A good rep is both KBs touching the ground, receiving both KBs in the rack position and both KBs ending up overhead locked out and in line with the body. The KBs must be caught in the front rack, meaning the bells are in the crook of the elbows before going overhead. You may not rest the bottom portion of the KB on top of the shoulders before going overhead. A strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk is allowed. YOU MAY NOT DOUBLE SNATCH THE KBs. A clear catch before the overhead must be established.  Scaled athletes may either single arm clean and jerk or single arm snatch the KB. Only 1 athlete working at a time for the clean and jerks.

Your federal physical activity guidelines, presented by coca-cola 

Weightlifting do’s and dont’s 

Austria?! G’day mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie

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