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Watch all of it


Watch all of it


Everyones been taking snatch practice seriously right??? Are you ready for the open???

Sunday 2/22/15
EMOM 8 min:
5 burpees
10 Air squats
both movements on the min
EMOM 14 min:
1 min: 3 Hang power cleans
1 min: 5-10 ring dips
*Try to add weight with each set
For time:
Push jerk (135/95)
Front squat (135/95)

Duhhhh. Use strength training to fight belly fat 

Boom physics and Toes to bar. Conversion of angular momentum: Toes-to-bar

I HIGHLY suggest watching this. Its and hour and a half long but well worth the watch. If you ever have hopes of competing in CrossFit as a sport and not just your daily workout then this is a mandatory watch 

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