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Team CFD weekend


Team CFD weekend


Congrats to the 9:30 class. They are the new Halloween champs!Joe by far had the best costume today

Saturday 11/1/14
7 rounds for time:
11 body weight back squats
Row 1000m
*If the rower is occupied you will run an 800 instead
**45 min time limit

We have 4 teams competing tomorrow at Frankenwod at CrossFit San Jose. Annabelle, Krisztina and Antony. Don, Howard, and Jon. Jessica, Margie, and Chloe. Daniel, Caroline, and Kent are all competing tomorrow. If you have time come out and cheer them on. Also, Raf is competing in his first legit noncrossfit weightlifting meet tomorrow evening at 5 at Cal Strength, if you want to watch some super strong dudes throw around some serious weight then come watch. Lastly, Kelly and Jen are competing in a partner comp at CrossFit Roseville. Good luck to all of team CFD, come cheer them on if you can

The best damn squat mobility article. Period

17 things that secretly annoy lifters(girls). I feel like theres way too much insta in this list 

Can anyone take this guys time down? 

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