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Suns out runs out


Suns out runs out

Slow down. Make everyone look like this

Monday 5/1/17
W/a partner:
You go I go style:
15 min max 200m runs.
*Partner A runs 200m, B rests. B runs 200m, A rests
“Tabata this”
20 seconds 10 seconds off x8 rounds with a 1 min break in between exercises
Air squats
Row for calories
*score for each exercise is lowest # of reps completed for each exercises added together. Sooo if you do 7 rounds of 15 pullups and on the 8th round you do 1, your score for the pullups is 1. Same goes for the rest of the exercises
**if you have a vest wear it

General fitness:
AMRAP 15 min:
Run 200m
rest 1 min
8 rounds of 20 sec on 10 seconds off w/ a 1 min break between exercises
Ring row
Sit up
Air squat

A real OG

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