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Regionals today


Regionals today


This CrossFit thing has gotten pretty fancy the past 6 years. Bonus points if you know what this is a picture of. Or if you have don thrusters in sand

Friday 5/13/16
EMOM 14 min:
1 min: 5 Thrustes
1 min: Max effort L-sit hold
*Add each rounds on the thrusters
In teams of 2:
2 rounds for time:
Run 800m (Together)
20 Burpee muscle ups
40 Alt arm DB snatch (100/70)
*Using your off hand to help the DB back down to the ground is most efficient way of lowering heavy dumbbells

Heat schedules for day 1 of regionals

2016 regional seedings: CA, Pacific, South 

California update

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