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Regional info


Regional info

Here's a map of where things will be this weekend.

Here’s a map of where things will be this weekend.

Wednesday 5/22/13
Find a max for the following:
2 Power clean + 1 push jerk
For time:
Deadlift (275/185)
Box jump (30/24)

Ask coach: For those of you who dont remember… do not squat in a power clean….

Here is some regional weekend info for those of you making the trip to Santa Rosa for the Khalipa and Maddox show…
Every day gates open at 8am for spectators.  I dont know the exact heat times as of yet but this is the individual male time table as of right now
“Jackie” 11:30-12:30
OHS/Burpe mu 4:10-5:30
100s 12:45-2:45
DL/BJ 5:00-5:48
DU/HSPU/T2B/S2OH/Lunge 11:20-12:40
Rope climb/Squat clean 3:15-4:00

Mom and pops Sulon are leaving tomorrow or very early Thursday morning to set up CFD base camp in “tent city” we will have 3 pop up tents some tables some ice chests and a portable grill. One thing we will be lacking in is chairs, if you are coming and want to sit around between heats and shopping trips please bring your camping chair. If you have any questions on regionals weekend please let me know

FYI open gym on Thursday from 4-5:30 is cancelled this week only. Sorry for the inconvenience 

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The SoCal ladies take on tomorrows Dl/Box jump WOD

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