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Happy bday Sarah


Happy bday Sarah

It has begun! Crossfit Danville is now forging an elite future!

It has begun! Crossfit Danville is now forging an elite future!

Thursday 5/23/13
“Sarahs bday play”
2 rounds for time:
Bouncy ball shuttle bounce
54 Step ups 24/20″
54 KB swings (53/35)
54 Air squats
54 Burpee bar touch
54 Single unders
*45 min time limit

Ask coach: If you REALLY dont want to do the shuttle bounce then you can substitute broad jumps.  From Sara, “the fastest male RX and fastest women Rx time of the day will get 3 paleo pizza crusts”. That is a pretty sweet prize!!! Have fun with those balls

If you are going to regionals make sure you check out yesterdays post, it has some important information. Pops and momma Sulon went up earlier today to setup basecamp but ended up helping Rogue equipment expert, Brian B., set the stage for the weekend. Long story short, we are gonna end up with a pretty sweet base camp for the weekend. Hope everyone is ready!

Reminder on the upcoming schedule for regional weekend. No open gym tomorrow from 4-5:30. Saturday we will be closing at 11am, and Sunday we will be closed all day. Monday we will be back to normal 

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Get ready to bounce it up

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