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Reality Check


Reality Check

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You know you’re big time when you’re at Costco

Tuesday 5/6/14

AMRAP 7 min:
W/ a partner
Man makers(switch every 3 reps)

Every min on the min for 12 min w/70% of max clean
Power clean
Hang clean
Push jerk
Every min on the min for 12 min:
1 min: Run 200m
1 min: 3-5 muscle ups or 5-10 Chest to bar pullups
AMRAP 4 min:
Wallballs (20/14) (10 ft targer for men and women)
*You have 1 min to do a 200m run, if that is 100% not possible for you then do a 100m run. 100 Wallballs is the goal

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Time for a reality check. This is a true story

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