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Preorder your gear, don’t be that guy


Preorder your gear, don’t be that guy


Kimi and Danielle are pumped about the new shirts!

Saturday 8/15/16
7 rounds for time:
Run 400m
21 Walking lunges
15 Pullups
9 Burpees
*If you have a 20# vest wear it

Time for new gear! Preorder for shirts will be open until Wednesday the 26th. The shirts are the same the we have used for the last couple designs so no change as to the fit. As usual in case you were wondering they are made of 50% cotton 50% lycra 50% polyester 50% titanium dipped triweave fibers 50% mithril and now 50% boiled leather. CLICK RIGHT HERE TO ORDER

DONT FORGET TO RETEST YOUR WODS FOR THE PALEO CHALLENGE AND GET YOUR SCORE CARDS TO SARAH, JOE, OR MYSELF BY WEDNESDAY THE 19TH!!! Also sign up for the final throwdown, anyone that wants to can do it! We also need people to volunteer as a judge. CLICK RIGHT HERE TO SIGN UP!!!

Shareholders are now suing Whole Foods for overcharging customers 

An 80 year old woman used CrossFit to help her get through husbands death 

If you care about this sort of thing 

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