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Paleo class tonight bet there or be square


Paleo class tonight bet there or be square

1175690_3413769480134_928460938_nBest cheering section around!

Sunday 9/15/13
3 rounds for QUALITY:
8-12 Ring pushups (rings to armpits/turnout at top)
20 V-ups
5-10 Strict pullups
Push press
Establish a 3RM
5 rounds:
1 min to complete 10 10m springs
1 min to complete 15 burpees

Ask coach: For the sprints and burpees the goal is to complete the set number of reps for all 10 min. If you finish the burpees or sprints before the minute you rest.

We have 2 teams competing in Sacramento tomorrow at the Caffeine and Kilos invitational. It is all inside so you wont have to battle the sun. If you have time please come and cheer these guys on. We have 5 first time competitors doing battle. Its at the Jackson sports academy here is info on the venue. 

Reminder that Sarahs paleo class starts tonight (Sunday) at 7pm. Please attend and get your nutrition on. You wont get anything from your workouts if you have crap nutrition. If you have any questions please let me know ASAP!

The complete guide to dealing with hangovers 

Are you intimidated? 

The day is upon us, Klokov has done a CrossFit workout. Heres a video of him doing 3 rounds of DT. I can totally take him. 

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