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No snatching today, I know your super bummed


No snatching today, I know your super bummed

shirt for cfd

These are happening!

These are happening!

Friday 4/12/13

In teams of 2:
For time:
3 min max reps rope climbs
3 min max reps calorie row
60 Handstand pushups
50 Double KB thrusters (53/35)
40 Partner burpees (partner holds plank w/ feet on 2 45# plates)
30 Wall climbs
20 Turkish getups (53/35)
400m partner carry

Ask coach: Time starts once you finish 3 min of rowing for cals. Every rope climb completed takes 30 sec off your final time, every calorie rowed takes 2 seconds off your final time.

Some of use are looking at renting a house for regionals in Santa Rosa. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in jumping in on it

Preorder the shirts from above. We have to get the order in by this upcoming Wednesday soooo fill out the sheet if you want one or 2. 

A system for developing competitive crossfitters…..its really easy….

You may be interested in this. Regionals tickets go on sale today

A little inspiration goes a long way 

One of my all time favorites

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