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New fun things


New fun things

aaaaaaaaaaTeam CFD at good times today. A solid performance all day earned them 4th place! Good job guys

Monday 10/14/13
Alternating tabata
Hollow rock/Goblet squat (weight you can move for 20 seconds straight)
Back squat
AMRAP 8 min:
10 KB snatch to lunge (5L/5R) (53/35)
4-8-12-16-20-24 Burpees

Ask coach: 10 snatch/4 burpees. 10 snatch/8 burpees. 10 snatch/12 burpees….keep going as high as possible in 8 min

Couple things that will be coming up in the cycle. This will be a relatively short cycle compared to the last one, it will be only 6 weeks.  We will be squatting twice a week and both of those days will be back squat. I want to  change days up a bit so every week will be a little different….aka snatch day will not be Thursday every week. Collectively as a gym we SUCK at warming up on our own, theres more you can do with a PVC pip than just hold and talk, so im gonna start programming some skill practice/warm up things to do before the regular strength work. For example todays hollow rock/squat tabata. There are a couple of other things I want to change a bit but Ill get to that when it comes up. Lets get buff!

Sean Paytons heavy lift: CrossFit

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I bet hes gonna be really good at wallballs

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