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Nerd alert!


Nerd alert!


Saturday 4/18/15
for time:
Run 1 mile w/ medball (20/14)
60 burpee pullups
Run 800m w/ball
30 burpee pullups
Run 400m w/ball
15 burpee pullups

Last chance to sign up for poker night! Change of plans, apparently people were belly aching about it starting late so the game will be pushed up to 6pm. Please sign up so we have an idea of how many tables we need. This should be fun!

In case you missed it 2 VERY important movie trailers came out today and yesterday. The first was for the new Start Wars movie and the second was for Batman vs. Superman. If you haven’t seem them, first shame on you what the heck are you doing?!?! Second, don’t worry im posting them below. For a severe lack of good articles out there today im positing in depth analysis of the 2 trailers. Steve hope you enjoy.

PS Avengers 2 comes out May first sooooo go and see that 

The 5 best moments from the Force awakens trailer

Batman v. superman: An in depth look 

Here they are!!

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