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Luck of the draw


Luck of the draw

Can you make it all the way through???

Friday 10/12/12
Establish your 1 RM front squat
In teams of 2:
Each team starts with a deck of cards. Between the two of you you have 20 min to try and get through the deck of cards. Each suit will have a designated exercise, hearts=overhead walking lunges (45/25) , diamonds=burpees, spades=toes to bar, clubs=clapping pushups joker #1=800m run joker#2=200 double unders. So if you pull the 8 of diamonds that means you have to do 8 burpees. Jack=11 queen=12 king=13 ace=14. It is up to you to decide how you want to break up the reps. You can alternate cards or you can each share the reps for each card.

Naomi will be out of town tomorrow(Friday) so there will be no yoga. Sorry 

We should have enough but if you have a deck(s) of cards we can borrow it would be greatly appreciated if you brought them in

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3 whole eggs improve lipid profile 

Wrong…just wrong….

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