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Launch that sucker


Launch that sucker


Tuesday 12/23/14

Toes jerk
Jerk balance
Max for the day of
Split jerk w/pause in dip
Split jerk w/pause in receiving position
Split jerk
EMOM 14 min:
1 min: 12 Thrusters (95/65)
1 min: 6 Pullups 6 burpees
*If that is easy than bump the weight up to 115 and make them Chest to bar pullups

Dont forget Xmas schedule. Xmas eve 9:30am only. Christmas day we are closed. Day after Christmas, 9:30/10:30am and 4:30/5:30 only

Americans are trading sleep for work, and it’s literally killing us

The 2 hour marathon and the 4 minute mile 

Bar high in the rack when your drive to jerk. Watch all 3 videos. During the dip and drive phase notice that they do not drop their elbows and forearms down to try and PUSH the bar over head. Instead they keep a high rack and LAUNCH the bar off of their chest and CATCH it in the split. Trust yourself that you will catch it. If you try and push it you are cutting yourself short.

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