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Anyone know what this is a picture of?

Wednesday 1/7/14

Establish a 1RM clean of any kind
*It can be power/full/hang/ high hang. Which ever allows you to clean the most weight
For time:
Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand pushup
+ (Rest as needed)
Max effort 500m row

WOD #3 “Kryptonite”
AMRAP 20 min:
50 Alternating front rack lunges (135/95) RX (95/65) scaled
Run 1 mile (together)
50 Burpees (synchronized)
75 Handstand pushups RX DB press/push press (40/30) scaled
25 Overhead squats (135/95)RX (95/65) scaled
Max reps muscle ups RX toes through rings scaled

*Everyone has been working hard on all of these movements this cycle right?????Score is total # of reps completed. Lunges must be done in the front rack as if your were doing a clean or a jerk. Each step counts as 1, lunges will be stationary. Mile run will be done in the same style as the anniversary party except with a shorter rope. Same goes for burpees, you must JUMP when standing on the burpees. Handstand pushups may be kipping or strict. Scaled division, DBs may be pressed or push pressed. A push jerk is not allowed.Overhead squats Can either be snatched or cleaned placed on back then jerked overhead. You may not help your partner get the weight overhead. FULL squat and full hip extension must be achieved for rep to count. If you get to the muscle ups, they must be on the rings. Straight arm at bottom and top for reps to count. Scaled, toes must go through rings for rep to count. Final WOD for top teams will be announced day of, it will be “fun”

The amateur washed up loser olympics 

Two meatheads argue over how many days there are in a week. If your driving 80 miles an hour, how long does it take to drive 80 miles….

More old school games footage. “The killer cage”

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