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Happy Birthdays!


Happy Birthdays!




Happy Birthday to Mike D, Mark R, and T!!!

Tuesday 1/6/14

Establish a 1RM Split jerk
Against a 20 min clock:
In teams of 2:
70 Partner wallballs (20/14)
60 Power snatch (75/55)
40 Thrusters (155/105)
30 Burpee to jumping air squat to jumping lunge (burpee+jump squat+L+R=1)
20 Push up to grasshopper (pushup+L+R=1)
10 Bar muscle up or 20 C2B
*If you finish before 20 min, use the remainder of the time for each partner establish a 1RM clean

My fault for not posting this a lot but Sarah has extended her deadline to sign up for here New Year detox program! As most of you have mentioned you were not “perfect” during the holidays with your workouts and diet. What better way to get back into it with a detox!  As usual you can do it RX with all the drops and supplements or scaled  without. If you are interested please let Joe or myself know ASAP!!!

Next week is free week at CFD. If you have any friends that have been on the fence about CrossFit or thinking about starting please bring them in next week to try it out! Check out the events page for more info! 

WOD #3 for this Saturday will be announced tomorrow. Heat schedules will be announced later in the week 

10 things the best athletes do (that you dont)

The 17 commandments of rowing 

Just do it like this!

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