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Hows your footwork???


Hows your footwork???


Go balls to the wall…get it?

Thursday 2/6/14
Do drill agility
up and back X5
left foot x5
right footx5
both feetx5
turn around x5
Spend 15-20 min working on:
Bar muscle ups and kipping pullups/toes to bar
For total reps
4 min max reps muscle ups
3 min max reps Double KB/DB clean and jerk (53/35)
2 min max reps Wallball
1 min max reps burpees
*Goal is to go balls out on each movement. dont sand bag the movement that you suck at
**Yes I know ive been putting up a lot of burpees lately

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This is the classic dot drill you will be doing tomorrow


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