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How much you bench bro???


How much you bench bro???

Dont be that guy

Friday 10/26/12
Front squat
5@60 5@65 5@70%
In teams of 2
For total reps:
3 min max reps rope climbs
3 min max reps bench press (155/85)
3 min max reps KB thrusters (53/35)
3 min max reps ring dips
3 min max reps stationary lunges w/ bar in fron rack (135/95)
3 min max calorie row

Why women cant do pullups. PS this is a dumb article, notice in their training strategies they never actually did pullups to get better at them….

Great article on oly lifts vs. the deadlift. Worth the read plus lots of nerd stuff if you’re into that. Why we dont deadlift anymore

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