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How long can you hold on


How long can you hold on

Leg warmers are shown to increase windmill strength by 50%. Who was sore from those BTW?

Tuesday 10/30/12
Push press
8@60 8@65 8@70 8@75%
4 rounds for total reps
Max reps thrusters (135/95)
Max reps KB swings (70/53)

Coaches corner: Part 2 is not timed. Rest 30sec-1 min between sets. Try not to game each set and do the same number straight across. This will be a good workout if you are looking to bump up to the next kettlebell or increase your weights during metcons

Yobility is today instead of Wednesday

Some of us may need this. This guy hired somebody to slap him everytime he got on facebook

Seven shades of Paleo 

Movember starts Thursday. Whos in?!

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