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Happy halloween!


Happy halloween!

Happy halloween everybody!

Wednesday 10/31/12

3 rounds:
20 Barbell good mornings
1 Min plank hold
“The walking dead”
bottom to bottom tabata air squats
then imedietly
Run 400m
3 rounds of
10 Pullups
15 Box jumps
30 Situps

*Any time you hear a halloween themed song you must stop and complete 20 burpees. These burpees can be skipped if you do the following. Wearing a costume= 10,  bust a move=10 burpees, wearing a costume and bust a move=1 burpee. It is up to Joe and I to judge if your dance is cool enough

Pave the way 

Sweet halloween costumes, SFW. If you can tell me who they are in picture #27 you are cool in my book.

Its official, I signed up Crossfit Danville as a team on the Movember website. If you are doing it create a profile and join the team. If your not try to donate some money to a good cause!

Do this to your kids this year

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