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Here we go again…


Here we go again…

Double Under Funny

Insert sarcastic comment here…

Friday 2/28/14
Every min on the min for 8 min:
5 burpees
Max double unders
Back squat
5×3@90 of your front squat earlier this week
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 15 min:
4 Rope climbs
20 Burpee toes to bar
30 Double KB thruster (53/35)

This should have been posted yesterday but its still pretty funny. Twas the night before the open. Theres some inside jokes in there, hopefully you get them. 

Ok here we go again. Its open season so you know what that means, everyone wants to do the workout during class/at a special time/not on Saturday or Sunday. Please confirm with Joe or myself if you need to do the WOD at a special time and doesnt interfere with regular class.  As we did last year we will be running heats on Saturday and Sunday after class. Saturday first heat will be at 11:00am and will run every 15 min. Sunday we will run heats starting at 11:40 after yoga class, again every 15 min. CLICK ON THIS GOOGLE DOC LINK RIGHT HERE, YES CLICK ON THE WORDS THAT I AM TYPING, TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR HEAT TIMES! If you are interested in helping judge please let us know ASAP. No you do not have to be level 1 to take the judge course or to judge the open.

Here is all the info you need for 14.1 aka 11.1. Im gonna say I subconsciously called it since I put up that video yesterday. 

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