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Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!

WAD_0049WAD_0050Blame these guys for the workout. Happy birthday boys!

Tuesday 10/22/13
Alternating tabata
Double unders
“Blame Geoff and Andy
for time:
8 Squat cleans (BW/.75BW)
20 Handstand pushups
Run 800m
8 Squat clean (BW/.75BW)
20 Pullups
Run 400m
8 Squat clean (BW/.75BW)
20 Handstand pushups
Run 200m
8 Squat clean (BW/.75BW)
20 Pullups
Run 100m
5 Muscle ups
*30 min time limit

Lifting class tonight(Tuesday) at 6:00pm. This will be the last Tuesday lifting class for a while. This is Daves last week before going to Colorado so lets give him some good snatches and clean and jerks before he leaves. After this week it will go back to Thursdays only. 

We are going to start carying “Caveman bowls” here at CFD. You preorder a number of  bowls ahead of time and simply pick them up at the gym! They have options like beef, chicken, and pork. Check out their website for more info. 

The history and evolution of the #selfie

More ass than the models 

Motivation for the ladies…or the guys….I cant decide

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