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Happy birthday Arnel!!!


Happy birthday Arnel!!!


Happy birthday to the only CFD “coach” that anyone actually listens too!!! The WOD whisperer

Friday 2/13/15
5 reps of each
Press from back
Push press
Push press back
Push jerk
Push jerk back
Split jerk
Split jerk back
Max for day
Push press+Push jerk+Split jerk
AMRAP 21:30
Alternating rounds with your partner:
1 Strict deficit HSPU (4/2″)
2 Shoulder 2 overhead (185/125)
3 Toes to bar
4 Alternating pistols (53/35)
*Partner A completes 1 full round then B completes 1 full round. Complete that pattern for as many rounds possible in 21:30

8 Reasons why you’re not getting stronger

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Sweet vids

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