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Grace awaits


Grace awaits


Good job to Alan and Mark for representing the best CrossFit gym in town at the ATI comp today….congrats guys!

Sunday 10/25/15
Tall snatch
Max for day
Power snatch+Hang power snatch
For time:
30 Snatch (135/95)
30 Clean and jerk (135/95)

Still not to late to sign up for barbells or boobs. Heats start at 11am be there ready to rock and roll. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP OR DONATE TO CFDs ACCOUNT

Sumo wrestlers run the 40 yard dash 

Here are a couple ways you can attack Grace tomorrow. If the weight is not that bad for you than go ahead and go for a big set and hang on from there. If it going to be hard to do 5 in a row than do singles from the beginning and just keep moving. Its way faster, trust me…..but what do I know

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