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Glam friday


Glam friday

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Friday 12/12/14s
Practice rope climb
6 rounds:
30 sec max reps strict pullups
30 sec rest
30 sec max reps plyo pushups
30 sec rest
*If you dont have strict pullups, perform supine pulls. If you do not have pushups then try banded pushups
In teams of 2:
Against a 15 min clock:
60 Overhead lunges (75/55)
70 Handstand pushups
80 Push press (75/55)
90 Jumping back squats (75/55)
Max reps burpee chest to bar pullups

If you got the newletter today there is a correction. Battle for bragging rights is the 10th not the 21st

Crossfit is a game of averages: To be good, first be average

10 drills to improve bottom position

Hope they do continue to do more of these

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