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Heeeey Aaaaarnold…..Happy Birthday


Heeeey Aaaaarnold…..Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to coach Arnold! CFDs best chest to bar pulluper and overhead squatter…You get to pick all the workouts today

Tuesday 4/14/15
3 rounds:
10 Hollow to arch swings (use rings if working toward a muscle up)
3 nose to wall climb w/10 sec handstand hold
4 sets:
8 Push press w/pause overhead
8 Supine ring pull(3 sec hold/down/hold/up)
*add each set on push press. If body weight is easy for dips add weight
AMRAP 8 min:
12 KB snatch (53/35)
10 Goblet squat (53/35)
8 Box jump (30/24)
+ (after class)
Row 500m or 2 min on bike

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This is a hollow/arch swing

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