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First week in the books


First week in the books

10307209_787642634579930_1100067715790308226_nGirls we’re definitely better at this drill. Come check out gymnastics class next weekend!

Monday 5/12/14

3 rounds:
10 Wall squat
10 Inchworms
10 PVC passthrough
Back squat
20rm (at least 5# heavier than last week)
rest 1 min
Max reps front squat w/weight above
5 rounds:
1 min max reps wallball (20/14)
1 min max reps KB swings (70/53)
1 min rest
*goal is to complete 50 reps each round between the kb swings and wallballs

Ice age melting: RICE may no longer be the treatment of choice for injuries 

Why sat fat is feared 

Heres some of the action from the the last day of the first weekend of regionals. Looks like its gonna be a rough weekend

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