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Expanding!…kind of….


Expanding!…kind of….

Follow the paleo rules or Sarah will cut you!

Follow the paleo rules or Sarah will cut you!

Tuesday 2/5/13

Movement prep: Elbox mechanins of the pushup
4 rounds:
Weighted pullup x3
Max reps strict handstand pushup (hands on 45s/even)
AMRAP 8 min:
3 Deadhang chest to bar pullups
5 Hand release clapping pushups
rest as needed
For time:
Row 500m

Good news for the evening crew. As you know its been getting TIGHT in here on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the regular class and the lifting class. We worked it out so that we can use the building next door for lifting class! Only down side is that we will have to drag our weights in and out but its better than being all crammed together. More info to come

The human bodys talents

How much times does it take to learn technique?

Check out Adam and Danielle representing over the weekend!

Dont forget to pay your your sweatshirts!


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