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End of open party!


End of open party!

10168139_10153961601605112_1783166054_nLooks like Courtney is really enjoying her burpees…

Sunday 3/30/14
Alternating min for 10 min:
1 Min Row or airdyne
1 Min 10 KB taters
High hang clean
Work up to a 1RM
1@95 1@90%
3 rounds for time:
18 Back rack lunges (165/125)
18 Pullups
*Bar must be taken from the ground for lunges
*20 min time limit

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 How lazy are you? 

SIGN UP FOR YOUR HEATS FOR SUNDAY! Dont forget to stick around afterwards for the end of open party! Naomi will be leading everyone through some stretching after the heats are over. “Out of the cave” food truck will be here and we’re supplying the beer. Great job on the open everybody!

Can you do an uprise ?

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