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Whats your excuse??


Whats your excuse??

1175524_10151807795412593_1223783333_nHappy birthday to everyones favorite massage therapist, Jessica ASG. You can thank her for the rest portion of the WOD

Monday 3/31/14
Stripper squat
Band aparts
*This should take 5 min at most. DONT MESS AROUND
Back squat
3 rounds for time:
1 min max reps KB snatch (53/35)
1 min max reps wallballs (20/14)
1 min max resp box jumps 20″
1 min max calorie row
1 min rest

FYI we will be testing next week. This week will be on the lighter side for our lifting 

How the worlds most brilliant people spent their days 

Why runners can’t eat whatever they want 

THis is pretty bad ass!!!!

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