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Doing battle


Doing battle


Is it paleo???

Saturday 12/28/13
Alternating min for 16 min:
1 min 5 Front squats (heavy)
1 min 5 weighted pullups
AMRAP 10 min:
8 Toes to bar
8 DB thrusrers (35/20)
12 DB Lunges (35/20)

FYI. Hunter will be subbing all classes tomorrow, be nice to him.  Joe, Arnold, Beau and myself will be competing in the Capoot fitness challenge/fundraiser at CrossFit Solano tomorrow. If you have time come out and cheer us on and donate to the cause! It should be a fun day!

For fitness, Intensity matters

20 apps that improve hand eye coordination. Not naming names but I can think of a couple people that could use this…

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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