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Good day for CFD!


Good day for CFD!


Team CFD(minus Beau) after a hard days battle at CF Solano

Sunday 12/29/13
8 rounds with a partner or 2 or 3
Other side of parking lot and back
Every 90 sec for 12 min:
Power snatch
Hang power snatch
Snatch balance
Overhead squat
5 rounds for total reps:
30 Sec max reps Double KB hang power clean and jerk (53/35)
Rest 30 sec
30 Sec max reps 30′ shuttle run
Rest 30 sec
30 Seconds max reps burpees
Rest 30 sec

Great day for CFD today. Thanks so much for everyone who came to cheer us on today. I got several compliments today about how “CFD rolls deep” to every event. Just more reason why we have the best community out there. Everyone had a solid day all around. Chloe and Alfred signed up last night at 6pm and did awesome in the scaled division with an 21st place finish. Alfred also pulled double duty by not only competing but taking over for Wade as CFDs official photographer! Beau and his brother Steve competed in their first RX competition and finished tied for 18th. Joe and Arnold missed the podium by only 5 points and were awesome all day as expected with all the pre WOD WODs. Thanks again everybody, great day!

Here are some pictures from todays action

CrossFit while traveling 

Most female Marine recruits dont meet new pullup standard 

We have a winner 

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