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Cool name….


Cool name….




5:30am wins for most people dressed up. 9:30 wins for highest participation rate at 110%, you decide who wins!

Friday 11/1/13

3 stop snatch pull drills (ground/below knee/hips)
5 sets to work up to heavy weight for the following complex:
Snatch deadlift
Hang snatch
Overhead squat
In teams of 2:
For total reps
4 min amrap:
4 Front squats (165/115)
Rest 1 min:
4 min amrap:
3 Squat cleans (155/105)
Rest 1 min:
4 min amrap:
2 squat clean to overhead (145/100)

Ask coach: For the amraps Partner A does 4 front squats then B does 4 front squats for 4 min. Same pattern for squat cleans and clean to overhead. Your partner cant go until you have finished your reps. Good scaling guide would be (135-115-95 or 95-83-75)

We are considering adding another lifting class in the AM times. If you are interested please let us know.

If you read this please read all the way down to #14 and 15. 15 Things a weightlifter should have in mind

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