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Happy halloween/Happy Bday!!


Happy halloween/Happy Bday!!


Happy halloween from CFD! Dont forget your costume!!!

Thursday 10/31/13

Back squat
For time:
10 Pistol wallballs (14/10)
31 Double unders
28 Toes to bar
38 KB swings (53/35)
10 Pistol wallballs
31 Double unders
28 KB taters (53/35)
38 Grasshoppers (L+R=1)
10 Pistol wallballs
31 Double unders
10 Muscle ups or 20 Hang power clean (155/105)
*20 min time limit
** Sub for pistol wallballs will be 10 wallball “2 fer 1s”
***20 burpee buy in for no costume

Ask coach: Happy Bday to Danielle and Marc/Happy halloween. No they didnt come up with this one so you can still yell at me as usual

What kind of Halloween candy you give out and what it says about you

CF Hollywood has some pretty good rules, maybe we should adopt them

Happy halloween guys! Dont be the house that gives out floss, nobody likes that house


Ummmmm Happy halloween from HQ……ummmmmmmmmmm

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