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Closed till the 7th :(


Closed till the 7th :(

Tuesday 3/17/20

At home WOD

Warm up
Alternating tabata
Alt leg v-ups
Find the heaviest thing you have at your house. Hold it in a goblet squat/bear hug/front rack position and accumulate 150 squat with it in as few sets as possible
EMOM 32 min:
1 min: Max reps alt jumping lunges
1 min: Max reps _________
1 min: Max reps 20′ shuttle runs (20′ up and 20′ back = 1)
1 min: rest
*For the ground to overhead, use whatever equipment you checked out at the gym today. KB=swings, DB=alt arm DB snatch sandbag=sandbag clean WB=medball clean abmat=situps barbell=thruster

As most of you are in the same boat. CFD has to close for 3 weeks starting today Tuesday 3/17/20. Please read what Tiffany wrote below. You all compliment my programming so much, so expect me to get reallllllllyyyy creative over the next couple weeks with the workouts. Expect to lift furniture, children, pets. All kinds of stuff. I want you guys to still get the best workouts possible so please do not hesitate to text me if you want a special workout that works for whatever equipment you have available at your house. My number is 925-785-2758

Please keep checking the blog everyday for words and updates. More info tomorrow as this has been a whirlwind of a afternoon/evening

Contra costa county has officially shut everything down:( We are heartbroken . 
We will be offering you all the opportunity to sign out some equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells, boxes, jump rope, wallballs ,abmats ,plates and sandbags. ( sorry no cardio equipment ) this will be first come first serve. 
Dusty will be providing home workouts daily . And modification if needed. possibly by video. 
We are absolutely devastated . By no means can CrossFit Danville survive any kind of closure for any amount of time so we are asking you all to stand by us so that when the time comes we will be able to reopen our doors, this can not happen without your support! 
We love you all and will miss seeing you daily for the next few weeks. We have no words for what is happing in our world. We are praying for our small business and all of our small business friends in Danville / San Ramon. Most importantly that everyone stays healthy and safe and we see you all again very soon. 
We will get through this together by staying active at a distance. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about anything. 💔

We love you guys,
Tiffany and Dusty

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