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CFD construction crew


CFD construction crew


Sooooo this happened today

Sunday 9/20/15
3x w/ empty bar
5 muscle clean
5 front squats
5 hang power clean
5 strict press
5 push jerks
EMOM 7 min:
2 Touch and go power clean and jerks
*add each min. Heaviest should be min 6 or 7. 60% of clean and jerk is a good starting point
Every 3 min for 30 min:
15 Burpees
6 Push jerks (165/115)
6 Handstand pushups

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So this chick has gotten a lot of crap for this video and got fired from her job. Hopefully she also got fired from her “comedy” job because shes not funny…Watch it and see what you think. WARNING theres a couple swear words

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