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Saturday 1/7/17

EMOM 12 min:
1 min: 20/15 calories
1 min: Rest
*The open is coming and based on how the calorie portions of current workouts are going……we are gonna do more rowing and biking…..
“Ladder Nate”
AMRAP 20 min:
1 Muscle up
2 Handstand pushups
4 KB swings (70/53)
*each round the reps go up. Round 2 is 2 MU,4HSPU,8Kb swings. Round 3 is 3 MU,6HSPU,12 KB swings. Add 1 muscle up, 2 HSPU, and 4 KB swings per round

Free week is coming to an end! Last chance to bring your friends and family in for a workout! 

Weightlifting is sexy yes. But the grunt work is the great separator. What can you do with your heart rate at 200bpm???

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